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Top 10 upgrades

It seems tv is full of the 'best of 2011' shows so decided to list the best modifications for 2011.
These are in no particular order but have helped improve the bike.

1. Titanium Spindles. These made a huge difference to the front end. It made a light front end even sharper.

2. Galfer Wavey discs. I just like the look of them plus customised to match the bike have offered greater braking on the front end. They are supposed to be lighter too but haven't checked.

3. Custom Titanium engine spacers and washers. I struck gold by finding a company in the UK to manufacture titanium parts to the same spec as Honda.

3. Smoked tail light. Not exactly a performance mod but creates a smart look

4. Pro-bolt Titanium. Religously replacing bolts to reduce weight and to keep the looks of the bike

5. Mettec Titanium. These guys make many of the Honda special bolts in titanium. Fantastic!

6. Carbon fibre Honda Racing front mudguard (fender). Painted Repsol Blue an lighter than stock was a g…

Happy New Year!

Its been a mixed year, the highs of Casey winning the 2011 Motogp championship and the sadness of losing Simoncelli. 2012 brings with it new challenges, Crt teams, new bikes and of course Dovi on a Yamaha. Next year should be very exciting.

Quick tidy up on the bike

The weather outside is awful so took the time to start the bike and upgrade the power commander PCV firmware to which was released on 26/10/11.

HRC 2010 / 2011 Parts information.

Here is a copy of the press release for the 2010 / 2011 Hond CBR1000RR. Hopefully the part numbers will be of use.

2010 CBR1000RR HRC racing kit new sale partsParts No.PartsComment31110-NLR-C30ROTOR COMPNew ACG Flywheel,(Crank shaft design was changed)23421-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1 P-1T/M durability improvement (An exchange timing 3000km-6000km)23431-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2 P-123441-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2 P-123451-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4 P-1123461-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3 P-123481-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4 P-123422-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1,P-223423-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1,P-323432-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2,P-223433-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2,P-323442-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2,P-223443-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2,P-323452-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-1223453-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-2123454-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-2223455-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-3123456-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-3223462-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3,P-223463-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3,P-323482-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4,P-223483-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4,P-3* We continue selling the 2009 parts except for the 2010 new parts.

*Appropriate specification according to ea…

Casey Stoners bike at Motorcycle Live

Heres a couple pics of Casey's bike from Motorcycle
Live. Thanks to those who shared them!

Casey Stoners bike at Honda UK HQ

Marc Potter from MCN shared this on twitter. Honda UK have the ultimate accessory for any lobby... The World championship winning RC212V

Reactiveracing update

Well, its been a while but I discovered that the ebay seller Reactiveracing (aka Steve Heneghan) who thinks its reasonable to leave abusive feedback runs a company called Reactive Engineering Limited.
Steve apparently set up Reactive Engineering and runs a site at Personally, for peace of mind, I would buy CRC Fairings from Europe.

Reactiveracing has been reported to ebay and the feedback removed.

HRC quick action throttle

I received the HRC quick action throttle today from ukroadandrace. This kit reduces the amount of turning needed on the throttle to accelerate. Ukroadandrace comes highly recommended for outstanding customer service.

Engine bolts have arrived

My aluminium engine bolts have arrived. They are much lighter than standard so save around 70 grams

My Repsol Jacket Collection

Here is a sneak peek of my 2010,2011 and the new 2012 Honda Gas Repsol Team Jackets

Pro-bolt launch new website

 Pro-bolt have relaunched their website at or . Its very user friendly and easy to find all the bits you need.

New reservoir socks

I just received these from AZRmoto. Very nice and match the bike perfectly!

Radiator fan upgrade

Here is the new fan. Further weight gains can be had by installing 5mm titanium lock nuts. Four are needed.

New Valve cover bolts ordered

These valve cover bolts are made out of 7075 aluminium and replace the standard ones.They save 72 grams over the standard items.

Repsol Honda Team 100 wins sticker

I received my Repsol Honda 100 wins stickers today. These will fit nicely on the seat cowl.

New 2012 Repsol Team Honda jacket

Just received next years team jacket. Very nice

2009 CBR1000RR Weight Reduction - Honda Style

When Honda revised the 2010 fireblade, they announced that they installed a heavier flywheel. They used other lighter components to ensure that the overall weight did not increase. One of these updates was the large radiator fan (See A in graphic). It changed to part number PFKL2036200 for the 2010 and 2011 models. This no doubt will be the same for the new 2012 model.

New Repsol Brake Reservoir socks ordered

I have just ordered a set of these from AZRMoto. I have a set fitted that are black but think these will match the bike perfectly.

Visit this link if you would like a set

Well done to Casey Stoner!

Well done to Casey winning at Valencia after a nail biting photo finish. Casey won the championship at Philip Island. Well done to Dovi for third place. Thanks to Dovi for his commitment and musts say its a shame that the HRC Repsol Team let him go. Good luck Dovi but don't be too good on the Yamahas!

New QR Link

Here is a QR link to the Repsolfanatic blog. I hope you find it useful

Engine spacers for sale

I have 5 made as spares but have 4 for sale. No-one else sell these. If interested in buying, please contact me,

Ebay Buyers beware! Reactiveracing

I bought some Suspension legs off Ebay from the seller Reactive Racing. The postage costs were high and added to the message that if I was overcharged, Negative feedback would be left. I was charged £6.49 and actual costs were £3.15. I emailled him and got this response.

"As an experienced ebay buyer, you will be aweare that the Post and Packing costs are exactly that.

In this case the Postage costs amounted to: £3.15
The costs associated with packing the item (material, labour, etc) amounted to £3.84

All postage and packing costs were clearly identified on the auction. If you were not happy with this then you should have not bid. (incidentally, the item you purchased was a complete bargin, as the retail at well over 100 gbp new)

If you are not happy with the purchase, please return it and I will refund all monies due"

The box was an old Wickes box with and so therefore costs were unjustified.

As per my instructions, negative feedback was left and I recieved the followin messag…

New Casey Stoner Championship Tshirt ordered

They are now generally available so ordered mine today. These are very limited edition. Get them while you can.

Titanium engine spacers

My spare titanium engine spacers have arrived.
These are lighter and stronger than the standard items.
Very nice

Great Qualifying at Sepang

Despite an early spill, Dani make pole position with Casey and Dovi taking second and third places. We could be seeing the long awaited all Repsol Honda win tomorrow!

Here is the new Tshirt

The new Gas clothing Tshirt. Available from Gas directly or resellers in early november. Show your support of Casey winning the championship.

Limited Edition Casey Stoner Gas Tshirt

To celebrate Casey winning the 2011 Motogp World Championship, Gas have released a limited number of tshirts as worn by the team at Philip Island over the weekend. Visit Gas Honda for more details.

Casey Stoner world Champion

Well done to Casey Stoner for winning the Australian GP on his birthday and being crowned World Champion 2011. A great day for Casey and the Repsol Honda Team. Well done to Dovi for a thrilling third place and remaining third place in the championship.

Titanium Spring arrived

I recieved my Titanium rear shock absorber spring today. It weighs just 1.97 lbs or 893 grams.

The specifications are:

SPRING RATE: 625 lb/in  (283 kg/in)

New Titanium brake and clutch bolts

Here are pictures of the special titanum bolts from Mettec to replace the standard chrome plated item.

The brake lever bolt saves 8 grams and the the Clutch lever bolt saves 5 grams. Both I think look much smarter.

HRC stickers fitted

Just like the 2011 Honda RC212V I have added the Bridgestone and HRC stickers to my new carbon fibre mudguard.

Samco overflow hose pipe fitted

I decided I needed to get a hose to compliment the SAMCO radiator hoses.

Casey Stoner at Motegi

Here is a great photo of Casey in free practice at Motegi. Good luck Guys!

Carbon Fibre Mudguard fitted

Here is my Genuine Honda carbon fibre mudguard. It has been painted Pearl Siren Blue to suit the bike. It weighs just 266.8 grams with the paint compared to 438.4 grams for the original item. I have added some genuine Honda Racing stickers to show that its not just any mudguard.

Fastest the movie - One to avoid!

Well I dug deep and went to see Fastest the Movie at my local cinema. there are 2 dates in the UK to see the movie at a cinema. I shared a cinema with at least six other people. Whilst Ewan Mcgregors narration was good, It shoule be called Rossi the movie. Despite many other great riders they seem to focus mostly on him. A very large disapointment. The upside was there was plenty of his crashes to keep my interest. I personally would have paid double to see film if they had no rossi! Its certainly a shame it was not more balanced and certainly lags behind TT3D Closer to the edge for insight and amazing footage. I won't be getting this on dvd to be sure! #Fastestthemovie #fastest #motogp

2012 CBR1000RR launched

Here are the some photos of the new UK 2012 CBR1000rr which comprise of revised fairings, headlights, suspension, wheels and dash. Very smart but no Repsol Edition for 2012

Just got my 2011 Repsol Team Jacket

Here is my new 2011 Repsol Honda Team Jacket. These are the ones that Dovi, Casey and Dani wear.

some new items ordered

Another busy weekend for ordering items.

So far, I have ordered:

2 M6 Titanium nuts for the rear brake reservoir
2 M6 Titanium penny washers for the petrol tank
13 M6 Titanium Race spec bolts for the oil sump

Some fuel resistant orange Samco hose to replace the stock overflow pipe to match the existing Samco cooling hoses.

Congratulations to Casey and Dani at Aragon

Well done to Casey for a great win at Aragon. This takes the Repsol Honda Team to 100 Motogp wins. Well done to Dani for a great second place position. 

New Repsol colour scheme for Aragon

Here is the new colours specially for Aragon designed by Davidelfin. All three riders will be in this scheme. You can't miss them!

Wavey discs and various bits fitted.

I had my wavy discs fitted today with the titanium bleed nipples. The bleed nipples save 3 grams per caliper.I also installed the HRP Captive spacers. These saved another 25.5 grams and make wheel removal much easier.

Wavy discs have arrived

I received my custom wavy discs today. They look great! Each one weighs 1.3 kilos so will be interesting to compare this to standard ones.

Race specification engine bolts fitted

Various Titanium bolts and fittings were fitted today saving another 200 grams off the weight.

Another picture..

Honda Repsol Gas Team Jackets

I got these through the post today. These are the official Honda Racing Team jackets from Gas Clothing. Brand new. Very nice.

Honda Racing Sticker

As my HONDA Racing carbon fibre front mudguard (fender) is being sprayed Pearl Siren Blue to match the bike I have bought two genuine Honda Racing stickers to fit to the muduard one its been painted The part number is 08F63-MFL82014. They are supposed to be for a Pearl Siren Blue Hugger so should look great. #Honda #HRT

Britains got biking talent - Please Vote

As many are aware, I have entered my bike into the Britains got biking talent contest. Please visit to vote for my bike. The voting finishes on the 14th September. #BGBT BGBT

Casey dodges a small animal in practice

Help give this repsol a podium!

Thanks to everyones votes, we made fourth place out of the top ten liked on facebook. The judges have selected 40 more bikes. Its now time to vote again to win Britains got biking talent.
Visit to vote

Exhaust bolt

Here is the titanium exhaust bracket bolt for my fireblade. It weighs just 11.2 grams and the part number is TIHX850R from tasty nuts.