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Showing posts from July, 2010

Just got my rear bracket back!

Here is my spare nissin rear brake bracket which has been power coated orange to match the bike.

Just got my R&G Radiator guard back!

Here's my R&G radiator gard back from the powder coaters. It now
blends in well with the Repsol colour scheme

Received my map switch today for my Powercommander V PCV

I recived my map switch in the post today. This will allow me to switch maps on the PCV when I have finally got the bike on the dyno.

Received my block off plates today

I recieved my block off''s for my fireblade today. These help with the pair mod which allows better tuning on the dyno and further reduce weight. It appears without this kit, any accurate dyno reading is not possible as the emmision kits passes out via the exhaust causing a misreading.

Dynojet Secondary Fuel Module & Quickshifter

I got my secondary fuel module, quickshifter and tie rod. This will allow my PCV to map all 8 injectors rather than the standard 4.