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HRP Air ducts for Honda CBR1000RR 2008-2010

I have just spotted the on the CBR tuning website. These will fit under standard fairings as opposed to race fairings. Looks like an excellent product!

Replacing the ESRM

As I have upgraded to a Taylormade exhaust, I no longer need
the Exhaust Servo. This sits in the battery area. I managed to get a trick little board that cheats the management system so I don't get an FI  light
on the dash board. Theres a small weight saving too! The ESRM weighs 243 grams and the mod only weighs 19.9 grams. Here's a good link to some instructions

Ten Kate Racing (TKR) Rear Caliper bracket

Just bought a rear caliper bracket. This item allows the caliper
to remain in place with the rear wheel is removed. A very well thought out and handy little item.

Ermax tailtidy fitted

I finally got the tailtidy fitted. It looks great but was a total pain in the arse to fit! Ermax state 45 minutes but more like 2 hours!

Sato Street Hooks fitted!

I have had the SATO streethooks fitted and here are pics of the with and without rear pegs fitted.

Powder coated front Reservoir fitted.

Here is a pic of the powder coated front brake reservoir fitted. The picture just doesn't do it justice and blends in perfectly

New Repsol Brake and clutch levers fitted!

I have just received my FS brake levers in a Repsol Blue colour. They are engraved Repsol and CBR1000RR.

Orange Sato Street hooks for my Fireblade

Not happy that SATO offer a choice of just gold and black. Ideally I wanted silver but decided to go for Orange. I also got the front brake fluid reservoir bracket powder coated to match