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Showing posts from March, 2010

Sato Street Hooks have arrived!

Got the Street hooks through today. I wil be getting these powder coated and fitted once the Ermax undertray arrives.

Repsol Fanatic is now on Facebook!

I have created a page on facebook. Visit the Repsol Fanatic page here

Trip out today to Crystal Palace

I managed to dodge the rain clouds and went for a quick ride out to Crystal Palace park. The picture shows the painted taylormade exhaust
trim and the Samco hoses

Replacement Air Ducts

I am preparing for a dyno of the bike in the coming months. Rather than modify the stocks air ducts, I plan to replace the stock items with these and remove the vacuum hoses. Unfortunately the supplier has no flexibility on pricing so will look at other options.

These should have given me more power and a better ready for when I get a good map for the powercommander V fitted to the bike. The alternative is to gut the existing air ducts.

Sato Street Hooks Update

I have managed to source a set in black from Intobikes UK and expecting them in 10 days.

Ermax Repsol Orange Undertray Update

I have managed to source this from Demon Tweeks and hope to recieve this in 10 days.

Finally got my Taylormade carbon fibre cover back!

I finally recieved the panel back from Dream Machine. Its transformed the look of bike as it new blends in much better with the bodywork. Watch this space for more pictures.

I went for a ride today..

I now have the mileage up to 770 miles in total and it seems we have finally got some good weather.

The bike still puts a smile on my face!

Repsol Axio Swift 2.0

I found this picture on the website. These were made for the Repsol MotoGP Team. I emailled Jorge and he mentioned that AXIO do have them available.
I so far have not managed to source one.

Sato Street Hooks

I am looking to get a set of Street Hooks so that the rear pegs can then be removed without stripping the bike down.  Black and gold won't suit the bikes scheme but i'm sure something can be done about that.

Ermax Repsol Orange Undertray

I have just found this undertray for the fireblade. I thinks its the perfect addition to the bike..

Dream Machine and Taylormade Exhaust

I decided to get the carbon fibre cover painted Repsol Blue. I contacted Dream Machine and sent it off back in November. When I got it back, it was a very poor match. Apparently, their Repsol Replica's are not an exact colour match to the genuine Honda colours. I have received an email saying they have made a better match. Fingers crossed!