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Happy New Year!

Well 2010 has nearly ended and all that remains is for me
to say thanks for visiting my blog in 2010 and wish you all
a safe and happy 2011!

HRC Engine and Swingarm bolts

The following bolts are available from Padgetts Honda:

1) 90163-NLR-B00 Fe Bolt - £16.62 plus VAT
2) 90163-MEL-000 Fe Bolt - £6.10 plus VAT
3) 90101-NLR-B00 Ti bolt - £412.05 plus VAT

Item 2 is a standard 2004 CBR1000RR bolt

My new Repsol Video

Shopping list for 2011

Here is a list of a few items I will be looking at installing over the next 12 months

Firstly, the expensive bits:

Ohlins rear shock absorber
Ohlins front shock absorber
Brembo monobloc front caliper
Braking wavey discs

The not so expensive items

Carbon Fibre Instrument bracket
Carbon Fibre fairing trim
Carbon Fibre Fairing holder

I have already order more titanium and the HRC clutch cable in preparation of next years upgrades.

2011 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition at Motorcycle Live

The 2011 appeared at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live show last week. Here is a picture of it on the Honda stand. A thing of beauty.

The snow is here. Time for the bike to hibernate

With the snow inches deep outside, the time has come to tuck the bike
up for winter. This time won't be wasted as I have started planning my 2011 modifications. These include more Carbon Fibre and Titanium!

Dynojet Maps

Here are the graphs showing before and after. Looking through the maps, it appears no modifications were made to tables on the secondary fuel module so 4 injectors were never tuned.

174.75 Bhp on the dyno.

I went to HM Racing and had a great morning with my bike on their dyno. The bike had a map from another owner which produced a respectable max power of 163.42 but these guys acheived a max power of 174.75 Bhp! 

New 2010 Maisto Repsol RC212V Models

Maisto have released their 2010 models of the RC212V for Dani Pedrosa on his number 26 bike and Andrea 'Dovi'  Dovizioso on his number 4 bike. Here is a link to their blog. They are available in scale 1:10 and 1:18 sizes. A nice additional to a Repsol fans collection.

1500 miles. Time to give the chain a clean-up

  I have just hit 1500 miles and noticed the chain was getting a little grimey. After a good clean up with Motul Chain Cleaner and chain lube the chain looks as good as new.

HRC Clutch cable

This is the next modification for the fireblade. Its more responsive than the stockclutch cable and 135grams less. They are also used by the big teams in SBK and WSB.

Steering Damper upgrade and air ducts fitted.

I have had the HRP / Becker Carbon air ducts fitted and whilst i am pleased with them but their fitment are very poor when using stock fairings and the finish could have been much better for £300! I had high hopes that they would have an oem fit but sadly the trims don't quite fit like they did wth the stock items. On another note, the pair mod worked a treat and the HRP steering damper upgrade fitted a treat. I noticed that these steering damper kits are part of the HRC kit. The pic shows the brackets with the Titanium Race Spec Bolts from Pro-Bolt.

Rizoma Upper Triple

I have just seen this for the fireblade. Its 480 grams in weight which is a saving of 180 grams over the stock item plus is more rigid and reduces flex. It has a distinct similarity to the RC212V

Congratulations to Karl Muggeridge for winning the IDM Superbike

Its not Repsol related but these guys do some seriously good kit for the fireblade. I have air ducts, wheel shims and hesd brackets so well done!

Their products can be found at:

Recieved my Honda CBR1000RR e-cushion energy seat

  I finally decided to buy an e-cushion seat for the bike. These are quite pricey (around £211 in the UK) but managed to get a
great price on fleabay. I guess my luimoto covered seat will join my list of spare bike bits till i decide on retrimming this.

Official 2011 CBR1000RR in Repsol colours launched

Here is a picture of the 2011 CBR1000RR Repsol edition.
Notably the black subframce, HRC sticker on subframe, relocated CBR badge on fairings and black sticker on tank near seat removed.

There is also a 2011 set of sponsor stickers too. There doesn't appear to be any serious changes to the model.

Perhaps the best cbr1000rr 2009 photo I have seen!

Just seen this on the Repsolforum site. I think its an amazing picture..

Title hopes dashed - Get well soon Dani

Dani crashed his bike in free practice which may have put an end to his championship chances. Get well soon Dani!

Steering Damper upgrade here!

I have received my parts for the steering damper upgrade.
These are made from lightweight Aluminium so will be much
lighter than stock. Here is a link to the parts list where they fit.

The air ducts are here!

Here are my new aid ducts. These are lighter than standard. I'm looking for the dyno tune to see what these will do for the bike. The fitment and finish was not very good and customer service from HRP and Becker Carbon was no better but they work so made them fit.

More Pro-Bolt Titanium...

These race spec bolts have replaced the standard bolts that hold
the lock bracket in place. A discrete upgrade but further reduces weight!

Sorting the wheels out

In order to further reduce unsprung weight these replace the stock item. These won't fall out during wheel changes and are made from high-strength aluminium 7075 with absolutely wear-resistant coating.

Ordered a stack of goodies.

Ordered my Aluminium brackets to replace the steel ones that hold the HESD in place and replacement aluminium radiator brackets that will reduce weight and also improve the feel when steering.

A batch of Honda CBR1000RR

I was just having a tidy up and found this pic from Doble Motocycles. Very nice.

Headlamp covers fitted..

I have just fitted the headlamp covers, here is a couple of pics.

Received my Pipercross air filter

I have just recieved my pipercross air filter. This is going to be fitted before I get the bike dyno'd. I'll keep you posted with the results.

Received my smoked headlight covers

I have recieved my dark smoked lens covers. I plan to get
these painted Pearl Siren Blue to mtch the bodywork of
the bike.

Akrapovic Heal guards fitted

Taking advantage of the good weather, I fitted the Akrapovic heal guards which look stunning with the other akrapovic items

Received my Akrapovic heel guards

I received my heel guards today. They will complete all the akrapovic
carbon fibre I plan to fit to the bike. Its a great finishing touch.
Look out for the fitted photo's!

Repsol Orange R&G Tail tidy

After the disappointment of the Ermax tail tidy, I decided to get the R&G tail tidy painted orange. The Ermax was a very poor fit was and the Ermax france customer service wasn't much better! Thanks to Image Refinishers for a superb paintjob that used genuine paint for a perfect match.

Dynojet Quickshifter fitted and some new orange trim!

I fitted the Dynojet Quickshifter today. It was easy to fit, with the 135mm M6 F-F rod. The Dynojet one is black which didnt suit the bike. I found that Translogic do one that is silver. I would suggest that a 145mm M6 F-F one from Pro-Bolt would allow a near stock fit with the quickshifter. I alsohave the Secondary Fuel Module fitted to allow mapping of all 8 injectors. I have also had the stem nut cap painted orange to match the rest of the bike.

Just got my rear bracket back!

Here is my spare nissin rear brake bracket which has been power coated orange to match the bike.

Just got my R&G Radiator guard back!

Here's my R&G radiator gard back from the powder coaters. It now
blends in well with the Repsol colour scheme

Received my map switch today for my Powercommander V PCV

I recived my map switch in the post today. This will allow me to switch maps on the PCV when I have finally got the bike on the dyno.

Received my block off plates today

I recieved my block off''s for my fireblade today. These help with the pair mod which allows better tuning on the dyno and further reduce weight. It appears without this kit, any accurate dyno reading is not possible as the emmision kits passes out via the exhaust causing a misreading.

Dynojet Secondary Fuel Module & Quickshifter

I got my secondary fuel module, quickshifter and tie rod. This will allow my PCV to map all 8 injectors rather than the standard 4.