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Showing posts from August, 2009

Akrapovic Sprocket Cover

Keeping the carbn fibre theme, I have upgraded the sprocket cover to the Akrapovic item.

This is available from: Calsport

Akrapovic Seat Trims

I tried some 'ebay' carbon fibre but the fit was poor. I decided to pay the extra the genuine articles!

This is available from: Calsport

Luimoto Seat Cover

I was bored with the standard seat, so I bought a Repsol authourised Seat Cover

Scott Leathers 1 piece leather suit

I bought a Scott Leathers 1 piece repsol suit from Dobles which was a great fit off the shelf. I chose not to have the additional logo's on it other than the Repsol and honda branding.

Available from: Doble Motorcycles