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BSB Clock bracket

I managed to pick up a BSB clock bracket off of ebay. These have been used around 2009 to 2016 for teams such as Swan Honda to the Honda Racing BSB Team. They were made by evotech and dificult to source.  At the bottom is a photo of the bracket used on Jenny Tinmouths BSB bike. I spoke to Evotech who explained it was designed to be interchangable in the event of crashes and changed to fit later speedos.

Recent posts

Time for a catchup

Its been a while with a few updates for the bike. I have finally reached a fork in the road as to decide whether to continue to keep the bike road legal or to completely transform the bike into a full hrc kitted cbr1000rr race bike. 

While I decide here are few items that I have picked a bit of a recap

Honda Racing wheel guide

I managed to source a rear wheel guide that has been used on the Honda TT and EWC bike for many years.

Its design is simple and intended to ease swift wheel changes.

These were used on OZ wheels but the Marchesini share the same sprockets so hopefully will fit fine on my bike.

Some General updates (Cylinder head and Dash)

I finally got around to contacting JHS Racing regarding the cylinder head I bought a while back.
The advised me that it had Carillo rods and Kent regrinded cams.
Having contacted JHS Racing, the gave some more information. It appears it was one of five tuned by them and featured HRC Cams and Wiseco pistons. Sadly they could not provide me with any further information.
I took the opportunity to remove the stock studs and replace them with titanium versions which having looked at the old ones were starting to see corrosion on the ends.
I also popped in the chain guide as well just for good measure.
While I was working on things, I updated the HM Dash to version 7M. I am not sure what the difference is but like to keep things up to date.

2017 fairing bolts compatible with HRC kit 2008-2016

One of the omissions of the HRC manual for 08-16 was fairing bolts. 

The HRC Clock bracket was built with M6 holes to hold on fairings compaired to others who opted for DZUS.

The 2017/2018 HRC manual has corrected this and lists p/n 90106-NF4-770 on the clock bracket these are slotted and posidrive style screws rather than DZUS.

These will therefore fit the 08-16 fireblades.

Gasket set completed

I have been after the last two head gaskets for the bike and finally got my hands on them.

These will complement the ported cylinder head I have stored away and the HRC Cams. I have also sourced a variety of titanium parts to complement the head too.

Homemade HRC usb cable for the CBR1000RR

I stumbled across this site as I was doing my research,

Whilst I have the genuine HRC usb cable, they have a hefty price tag making the use of a HRC ecu an expensive option to program.

This site dscribes how to use a VAG OBD cable with a diy plug to connect to the diagnostic port of the bike.

Take a look at the site here